Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Resolution done

Actually there are two resolutions here. The first one being, CLEAN and SORT craft room. The second one is to learn to use my iPad to its full potential. So these photographs and layout were all used with my iPad. So, briefly, (as this could take a while) this is my newly sorted craft room.This is the wall that faces me when I walk into my room. I made my little embellishment holder and ribbon holder myself, so I am quite proud of that achievement, picked up the paper racks (extremely cheaply) at a craft show. I have a place for my ribbons, background stamps, embellishments, scrap paper, punches, inks, roller wheels and a few cards for display purposes. I will add another section of my room when I finish it. Hope everyone is having a great start to 2013.


  1. Your off to a great start for the year, well done, looks great hugs xx

  2. your room looks amazing! I want to know how you put those photos together like that!!!!! (I obviously need to learn how to utilize my ipad better!!!)