Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft Room Makeover Part 2

I am still playing in my craft room, with my foam board, searching Pinterest like a crazy woman. Here is the next project I came up with...

With my stamp pads sorted, it was time to get my Copics, Stampin up Markers and new Blendabilities in order. Again, searching Pinterest, I found this little Copic storage unit, and again, made completely from foam board. Awesome! I'm loving this stuff. The one holding the SU markers was made exactly using the tutorial, (without the dividers) and the one with the Copics, I made the selves slightly longer to hold my growing collection. So, that is the first shelf of my book case finished. Here is the picture.

So far, so good. The units didn't fall apart over night, and everything is still sitting nicely. So that is the Stamp pads and Markers all organised and happily in their new homes.


  1. Thanks for sharing your craft room make over Paula. I also prefer to store paper and ink in colour families, so you're not alone there. This foam board you're using, how to you join it? I like what you've done for the Blendabilities & punches too.

  2. Hi Rachel. I have used PVA wood glue to adhere the sheets together. The other ladies with the tutorials have said they use their hot glue gun! Just don't let the metal touch the foam, as it will melt. I have actually put my glue gun away somewhere????? Hense the organising of the craft room! Lol