Monday, September 29, 2014

Craft Room Makeover Part 1

Well, its been a while since I have written anything on my blog. To my followers, I really do apologise. Hopefully, it won't happen again! But, just in case it does.... I will apologise in advance.

So, although I have not been blogging, I have been busy in my craft room. Well, changing my craft room actually. Here is a picture of the back wall of my room in July.

This was great, because all my paper was easy to get to. All the colours were sorted and things were going fine.... Until I need some Embellishments for my project. I was stuck in the wardrobe searching through boxes to find what I wanted. I needed something else! Here is my solution I came up with. This was the back wall in early September.

I joined up the paper racks to make two towers and brought in the bookcase from the spare room. I used the storage boxes from the wardrobe and placed them in the bookcase. Not a huge change, but one that was working ok. That was, until I needed something from the box on the bottom. Still problems with this darn back wall. After a long search on Pinterest, I found some amazing ideas and decided to use them in my room. The problem I was having, is the fact that I think I am a visual crafter. I work better if I can see what I have and is easily accessible. Back to the drawing board........

My first project was to find the product called Foam Board. Turns out that our local office supplier stock this all the time. Bonus for me. So, off I went to the store. Below is the first project in my Craft Room Makeover....

So, here is the photo of my stamp holder, I made, all by myself using foam board. OMG! this stuff is amazing. So, the first thing I needed was a place to store all my stamp pads, in easy reach, colour coded and stacked neatly. If you search Pinterest for foam board organising heaps of little goodies will appear. This was unbelievably easy to make. I even surprised myself. Oh, and I have decided to store my stamps in colour and not families. Im not quite sure how this will go.

Stay tuned for the next project in my Craft Room Makeover.

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